We can offer many kinds of manufactured goods,
such as small precision parts, covers, steel panels
machine frames and so on..
In the making of small precision punching piece,
we can propose the most suitable manufacturing
method from along NCT Working, Laser Working,
Press Working, Wire Cutting and Processing by

Electric Discharge Machine according to your requests, such as quality, accuracy and cost.

We can provide from a piece of part making as trial
manufacture to middle-scale production.
The sheet metal working is performed under the total
system from CAD to CAM.
And we can make a die for press working by ourselves.

We can use not only Steel and Treatment steel but also
Stainless steel, Aluminum, Brass, Copper, Phosphor
bronze and so on.

We can perform the any your requests by using the Metal
sheet working, Press working, Welding, Machining and
those combined process including the forming

Please send a drawing to us, we will propose the most
suitable manufacturing method and be able to satisfy you
with quality, accuracy and cost.

The latest Laser cutting machine. We are pride of the progressive feed manufacturing also.
Bending and Welding are performed by the latest machines.
We provide any machines needed for making a forming